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Dina Ferreira Stoddard was raised on exotic Vancouver Island only to be kidnapped at the young age of 25 by a handsome rumpeddler. He bribed her to marry him with a life of leisure (not true), promises of living life from the left side ( this is true!) and capturing peoples live's unscripted (her obsession) ...she said YES! Surrey BC is where her ship is currently docked and trying hard to grow two wildly imaginative children in this age of the helicopter parent. D dreams in colour, dashes sarcasm on most situations and generally feels blessed to be alive every other day!

how blessed are they.

i had one amazing vavo’ (grandma) when i was growing up.  sadly my other grandparents past before i got a chance to meet them. this spring break got me thinking how unbelievably lucky my kids and (us) are to have … Continue reading

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craziest looking duck i’ve ever encountered on a field trip, by far!  one of the mom’s said it looked like a superhero….does now. lol, clearly i had some “extra” time on my hands yesterday.

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15 things that make disneyland and vegas feel like the same place.

1)     let’s begin with the “happiest place on earth”, some would say… so is vegas!  sure…           till 10 pm, then everyone is a hot freak’n mess, sun stroked, dehydrated, you want to   … Continue reading

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portuguese women don’t use airplane washrooms!

dam you jaun pablo and your glorious performance in “how to be the worst bachelor in history”, it just had to be on the week i leave for DL.  chris harris didn’t help either with his snake charming tag line … Continue reading

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hum me a little tune will ya.

have you ever watched the “long island medium”, SHE IS AMAZING. the reason i bring her up is personally i don’t think people really “leave” us completely when the crossover to the new chapter outside of their physical bodies.  i … Continue reading

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some things change and some remain the same and some are both!

some things change and some remain the same and some are both! all of the above! fish out of water?    

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personally, i’m loving this one

“fuck yes” i say under my breath when che’ asked me if she could  try the very large drill i was using to make my pinterest projects at my parents place in victoria. my tomboy heart jumped at the chance … Continue reading

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confessions of a serial thrifter…

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personally i’m loving this one…

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a very sick desire…

as if the thrifting obsession wasn’t enough, it has spread to abandoned buildings, old farms, abandoned ships, parks, whatever…i don’t discriminate, if it’s old, grown over or falling apart i have a need to capture it with the third child … Continue reading

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