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Dina Ferreira Stoddard was raised on exotic Vancouver Island only to be kidnapped at the young age of 25 by a handsome rumpeddler. He bribed her to marry him with a life of leisure (not true), promises of living life from the right side (very true!) and capturing peoples live's unscripted (her obsession) ...she said YES! Surrey BC is where her ship is currently docked and trying hard to grow two wildly imaginative children in this age of the helicopter parent. D dreams in colour, dashes sarcasm on most situations and generally feels blessed to be alive every other day!

BOOK NOW…2014 klutch photography quickie sessions

how do you know if a quickie is for you? * is your family too busy to eat together. *only drink half a cup of coffee before it’s cold and you nuke it three times only to find it in … Continue reading

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confessions of a serial thrifter…

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that song

we wait all year for this. the boat is packed, music is LOUD and were charging down the lake on a mission of creating a good time with cabin friends and blended drinks (courtesy of the magic bullet & the … Continue reading

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the sweet spot….

It’s warm but the clouds have overtaken any blue sky that was visible,the drops of rain are landing in our fresh batch of mojitos. i’m sitting with my dad, watching him take apart his old watch on the picnic bench … Continue reading

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the art in the everyday…

more and more i find myself enjoying the ordinary, settling in to somethings odd beauty, finding the art and the everyday.  these small joys fill my sole, not sure how but it does. i wish we could all fill our … Continue reading

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loving through the sadness…

i remember when i told my mom the sophie died, she in her european way said “dina, don’t tell amara, she can’t handle it”.  me being not so euopean (at times) said “that’s nuts mom, she not only needs to know, she needs to grieve and honour her … Continue reading

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the photography product analogy

you would never go into winners, buy a basket that comes in two different colours and while at the cashier ask her to throw in the other colour basket for free because they’re the same product, just in a different … Continue reading

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just my thoughts.

for only a moment i’m granted permission into these complicatedly beautiful families, full of fun, laughter and dynamics… i observe, i laugh, i, for a few moments see your shells come off, i see you and not your social persona, … Continue reading

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oh canada.

as the sun goes down on your special day and all the little tattooed faces get washed off , flags tucked away for next year and back yards are cleaned up from epic family gatherings, i sit here and think … Continue reading

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mighty sea.

one part of you scares me, the other wants to explore every inch of your mysteries. where is your end oh mighty sea? no matter, i shall find it through the blustery wind! for i am free here, to roam… … Continue reading

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