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right of passage…

the day finally came.  amara, at age two and a half  got her hair cut for the first time.  i’m not exactly sure why i waited so long, but i would guess amara being the second child, a girl and … Continue reading

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Loulou the juries still out…

being european, we never grew up with any animals.  i can hear my mom right now “daana dowgs aru four da farrms” (dogs are for the farms)! i personally always liked animals from a far but living with three of … Continue reading

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big girl beds come with rules…

**don’t panic this picture is not of a “body”, well it is… just not that kind of body (the morgue kind i mean)** my first born (che’) was as they say “a text book baby”.  she slept well, was always … Continue reading

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“hope” in the form of a cup..

i’m in no way addicted to coffee! i can go days without a sip and be a full functioning mom without cranky lack of caffeine induced headaches and random addiction twitches.  with that being said this whole re-branding from bliss … Continue reading

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real toys are NOT always required…

as i’m working away on my edits, i hear “miss amara eden” (we tend to use this version of her name when messes or knottiness is occurring), rifling in the shoe closet.  i, being somewhat of a neat freak ask … Continue reading

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beauty in the most unusual places…

lunch, as always in the ferreira stoddard household, and what do i find in the most ordinary watermelon? ….beauty.  this pattern really threw me for a loop.  i was shocked at how striking it was (not to mention watermelons typically … Continue reading

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winter inspiration

the moment i purchased this coat for Che’, Che’ (as we like to call her), i knew a fun winter shot would be in order.  the problem in capturing this so called “winter shot” was one of many (willing participant, … Continue reading

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about dina (or at least a layer or two)

so lets start with my name, it’s dina ferreira stoddard (long name right) and i’m Klutch Photography!  i started out as Bliss Designs (a business that incorporated photography and interior design services with a dear friend and school mate kassie … Continue reading

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