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random beauty contest

update… congrats to our winner of the “random beauty” free photography session….YAY  Jenn Cutting !!!  also a shout out to my second place winner  Rosalba Fasan-Buffat  of won a $100.00 off her “random beauty” photography session!!! thank you to … Continue reading

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an hour of regression…

THE PHONE CALL: i hang up the phone and in a mad panic i dial another number located on the my fridge. a soft voice answers: “hello?” i respond with: “omg, i need headshots.” s.v.: “ok.” me: “so can you … Continue reading

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the time has come for you to meet the europeans…

who are they:  my parents! what are they : portuguese….HARD CORE PORTUGUESE. do they have accents?: holy crap dad’s not so bad but mom’s is hilarious. i can’t NOT do an accent when i repeat the things my mom says to … Continue reading

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the visit…

being from the european descent means having a maid is not allowed (it’s in our birth contract…somewhere in the small print). but seriously, talk to almost any euro (portuguese, italian, greek….etc) and we can’t manage passing on control of the … Continue reading

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