I’ ve smelt some pretty bad things in my life (being a mother and all) but this my friends has a lingering potency of funk that can’t be explained!

HOLY CRAP, my husband’s hockey bag stinks!

About Dina Ferreira Stoddard

Dina Ferreira Stoddard was raised on exotic Vancouver Island only to be kidnapped at the young age of 25 by a handsome rumpeddler. He bribed her to marry him with a life of leisure (not true), promises of living life from the right side (very true!) and capturing peoples live's unscripted (her obsession) ...she said YES! Surrey BC is where her ship is currently docked and trying hard to grow two wildly imaginative children in this age of the helicopter parent. D dreams in colour, dashes sarcasm on most situations and generally feels blessed to be alive every other day!
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